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Litter Record Book for Breeders


Puppy Record Book

that you customize for your litters, available as a Word document
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The Litter Record Book for Breeders
by Cheryl Brown
copyright 2004
Published by The Dog Record Company

Now in pdf format for only $10
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There is now a CD of forms included in the book
You can use the forms on the CD for future litters-just fill in the spaces and you'll have nice professional copies for your puppy owners and records
The Litter Record Book for Breeders is a quick reference for the serious breeder who tracks development, health, achievements, and just about everything on pups produced in her home/kennel.  It's also a great resource for the first-time breeder.  It is in binder form and can be used for future litters as well.  It contains supply lists, calendars, forms, everything imaginable to help give you more time to enjoy your family and puppies :-)
This book has photo pages and room for every imaginable record for the dam, sire, and twelve puppies.  It has quick reference tables for breeding, goals for this litter and your line, calendars, a Veterinarian form, time tables, lists of supplies, charts, a guest book,  registration, growth, temperament, and conformation evaluations.  Also included are tips on what to include in the puppy packet, socializiation ideas for a litter, and how to make sense of temperament tests are just a few of the topics covered.

The Litter Record Book is meant to be passed on to future generations as you go forward with your breeding goals.  It is a record keeping system to keep everything in one easy place for years to come.  It will be a reference down the road with insight as to what your line may carry, problems seen, and how to avoid them.  Every puppy has his own record and photo page. 
The book is for all breeds, having room for those registered with AKC and/or UKC.  

Email for content samples and more information.  I'd be happy to send you a brochure!
Breed Clubs might consider bulk ordering at reduced rates as a fund-raiser. Contact us for more information.

sample pages

Jessie and Jackson, 5 weeks

Table of Contents

  • Importance of Records
  • Dam/Bitch
  • Pedigrees
  • Sire/Stud
  • Breeding Goals
  • Calendar
  • Pregnancy Timetables & Whelping Tips
  • Pups are here!
  • Litter Record
  • Weight Tables
  • Registration information
  • Litter Evaluations
  • Health
  • Socialization
  • Guest Book
  • Puppy Owners
  • Individual Puppy Records
  • Puppy Packet Tips
  • Exceptional Pups
  • Websites



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